What is Product Engineering? How does it help?

As buyers continue to insist on latest features and functionalities with quick turnaround time, businesses push for superior quality and cost benefits from product manufacturers. This has led to the creation of a completely new engineering service, which is dedicated to launching products faster into the market.

With the right setup and team, a product can be quickly and successfully launched into the market. On the contrary, with an inexperienced team or a complicated setup, things can go haywire very quickly.

Product Engineering requires a specific approach and to utilise a specific process to ensure it is successful. If you are looking to outsource product engineering, you are in good hands.

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Why AT? What are the benefits?

We at AT, have expertise in quickly and efficiently bringing a product to market with the right approach and setup. We take a methodical and proven approach. Read on to learn more about it.


We set very high standards for ourselves. Quality of Work is a big part of what defines us and how we approach development, testing and design. You can expect to see the highest level of quality in our delivery, processes and communication.


We apply past experience and learnings to de-risk product development which helps in elevating the quality and efficiency. Whether experience with specific technologies, general problem solving, design, or user testing, or leveraging relevant domain expertise, our team is well balanced to have experienced hands on the team as well as being nimble.


We take a design thinking approach to understand the user needs and desires that a product aims to solve. The product vision is an aggregation of views from multiple stakeholders such as the customers, the business team, the design team and the engineering team. We understand this  well and try to amalgamate these different visions to get the best vision for the product.


Our teams enjoy taking the responsibility of building and delivering products to match or exceed expectations. Our teams are skilled and resilient in treading through obstacles and challenges that may arise during the process of developing a product. Our teams are not afraid of taking ownership of the success or of challenges.

Cost Benefits

We provide these services at competitive costs, yet not compromising the quality of work. A key benefit that is light on your budget allowing you to scale and move quicker.

What is the approach?

If you looking to outsource your product engineering to us, we typically perform certain procedures to give you the maximum value for your investment and time.

1. Understanding the Concept and Vision

Your idea and vision are the all important aspects of your journey to start with. And for that reason, our first step involves understanding the concept and your vision to bring it alive. This will help us in sketching out a path to help build the product.

2. Prototyping an MVP

An idea is only a thought until it is tested and validated by real users. Rapidly prototyping an idea into a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) helps in testing your idea and gives you a sense of the good and bad aspects to help you continue or pivot.

3. Developing the Product

Once your vision is solidified and you have a clear path, developing the product with all the required features using the latest technologies, frameworks and platforms forms the next step. You will see your product shaping up as expected as we make use of agile methodologies to deliver at speed and to the expected quality.

4. Testing the Product

While the development happens, we also ensure that the developed pieces of the product are tested thoroughly on different platforms and environments that you expect your users to use it on. We also make use of automation testing to help your product scale without the burden of time and costs.

5. Rollout and Maintenance

Once your product is tested, we help roll it out to different platforms and app stores. And then the continuous process of improving and adding more features to your product starts. We will continue to hold your hand to help extend and scale your product.

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