Practices, Tools and Technologies

We make use of modern processes, practices and technologies to build simple yet world-class software that our customers demand. The tech world encompasses a plethora of options and choices to develop and maintain software.

Software is built not just with the technologies that enable it, but also with the processes, practices and tools that embrace and empower these processes and practices. We follow industry standard processes and practices, and industry leading tools to ensure the quality and timeliness of your deliverables.

Software is primarily built using multiple technologies that enable the functioning and experience of a solution. We make use of modern, secure and stable technologies that helps in providing world-class experience to its users.

Take a look at some of the processes, practices and technologies that we use.


We adapt the industry leading agile and scrum methodologies to incrementally and iteratively conceptualise, design, develop and deploy software. Incrementally developing a software allows us to quickly develop and test it and results in quick delivery.

Once delivered, a feedback loop is created with the customer to then incrementally and iteratively add/modify to the software until the final business requirement is achieved.

From making use of backlogs to organise and prioritise deliverables, conducting daily sprint meetings to measure achievable, to completing sprints with retrospectives for quick and precise feedback, we selectively and specifically use agile processes and practices.


Building modern software requires a tremendous amount of right things to happen at the right time! To make this happen, we use industry leading tools.

We use collaboration and communication tools such as G Suite to stay connected with our customers and to quickly exchange ideas, inputs and feedback.

We use Github to provide complete visibility and context on the progress of work of a project.

We also use several other tools internally for nimble and agile turnaround to develop software.


A modern software is an amalgamation of hundreds of different technologies, frameworks and libraries coming together to make it modern, secure and user-friendly.

Choosing the right set from thousands of available options is a big challenge. And that's just the beginning. Maintaining and upgrading them adds to it.

From years of experience, we have created a curated list of technologies, frameworks and libraries that the industry recommends and ones that we have used to build many complex, secure, user friendly and modern software.

Some core technologies and frameworks that we use are: HTML, CSS, Javascript, ReactJS, NodeJS, ExpressJS, NestJS, ElectronJS, Swift, Java, MongoDB, MySQL, etc.

Modes of Engagement

We are flexible to suit your style of engagement. Choose the one that best fits your needs

Turnkey Delivery

Provide us with the business requirement and the end goals and we take care of the rest. From architecting the solution, coding it, testing it, deploying it and maintaining it.

Staff Augmentation

If you already have a team set up but need additional help with specific skills, we can provide highly skilled people to augment with your team and to quickly serve your needs.


If you already have people but need a team of specifically skilled people to collaborate with your team to co-deliver, we can provide such teams too.

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