Brief Intro

Technology has encompassed our lives like never before. Very few of us even imagined how easy our lives would be because of it. But, here we are - in a time where technology drives our lives in more aspects than we are consciously aware of.

Software forms a big part of the experience that technology brings to our lives. The thousands of apps that we use everyday on our smartphones and on the internet is a direct result of the remarkable impact of what a software can do and be. Whether it is a simple calculator application or a complex ERP system, software makes our lives immeasurably easier.

But, software is also complex to design, develop, test, distribute and maintain. From designing the user experience, "coding" the application, testing it, distributing it on various app stores and maintaining it for the most secure and modern experience, it can be challenging and intimidating.

At AT, we have championed this process. We have built and maintained software that has been delivered to, and served hundreds of thousands of delighted users across the globe amongst different demographics. From simple subscribtion systems to App Stores to ERP systems with complex process automations, we have built and maintained the lot. We have worked with organisations spanning across Startups, SMEs, Tech Unicorns and Fortune 500 Companies.

We love building software for people to make their and their customers' lives easier. Want to know what we've built? Take a look at our portfolio.


Our Team

We have a talented group of people who are passionate, committed and highly skilled. We take great pride in our team and its people.

Our team loves taking on challenges and solving them. Our people exhibit competence and empathy in equal measure.

We also love having a bit of fun at work and being nonchalant in our approach to work.


Our Approach

Our research and experience in building and maintaining software has equipped us with battle-hardened skills to build software no matter the complexity or how demanding the schedule. We follow  industry standard practices and processes, different modes of engagement to develop and maintain software.

Our people are empowered with the knowledge of modern and agile processes and practices that make it smooth, clear and predictable for our customers to collaborate with and produce great software.


Our Journey

Every story has a great journey. Our story has one too.

From starting small to growing smart and steady, we've had a great and satisfying journey so far. Like every story, it has had its ups and downs. But, our passion for producing great software has remained constant.

We hope to enjoy and continue to embark on this beautiful journey.


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