Product Engineering

We are experts at transforming an idea into modern, secure and user friendly products.

We offer product engineering services at competitive prices but without the compromise of quality.

Our teams have helped transform several ideas into tangible products over the years and are well equipped with the necessary know-how and tools to deliver on it.


Cloud Solutions

The world lives on the internet today. From consuming social media and news, shopping on various sites, to working on spreadsheets and documents, and getting work done at office, the internet has truly become the centre of people's lives. The cloud is a huge factor that enables these apps and sites to serve its users.

We live off building cloud solutions for Startups, SMBs and SMEs, and for the Corporates. We have built shopping sites, app platforms and even very complex ERP solutions on the cloud.

Building cloud applications require the knowledge and expertise of multiple technologies and platforms. Our teams are well equipped and experienced to build simple to complex cloud solutions.


Mobility Solutions

If the cloud powers today's apps with sophisticated technologies and platforms, then our smartphones bring that power to our fingertips.

We have also provided mobility solutions to bring the service of a company to its users in packages that are reliable, speedy and user friendly.

Our teams are also equipped with the know-how of the different technologies that are required to build mobile apps on the two major platforms - iOS and Android.


Desktop Solutions

Desktop apps are here to stay. While the web and mobile have evolved tremendously over the last few years, they haven't been able to fill all the gaps. While they have come close to matching and even beating the desktop experience in availability, convenience, mobility and to some extent, the user experience, desktop is still king in the overall user experience it provides.

Building and maintaining separate apps for the web, mobile and desktop can be a tedious and costly affair. And that's why, we use cutting edge technologies to power the desktop and web apps with the same codebase. This not only keeps it predictable and consistent, but also saves a huge amount of time, effort and costs.

Our team has built desktop solutions using Electron and related technologies which is used by hundreds of thousands of users in a multitude of desktop environments.


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