Symphony Search

Helping a tech unicorn and a leading secure collaboration platform to build and maintain their different search modules - header search, advanced search, in room search and quick filter.

Services Rendered

Cloud Solution, Web App, Frontend Engineering

Technologies Used

ReactJS, Redux, ImmutableJS, Javascript, HTML5, CSS3, SCSS

Client’s Challenges

The client was looking for us to build and maintain multiple modules of the platform's search functionality and enhance those with new features and functionality.

  • Architect, build and maintain the In Room Search module
  • Architect, build and maintain operators and filters for the Header Search module
  • Enhance and maintain the advanced search module
  • Enhance and maintain the quick filter module

Our Solution

With rich experience in developing web/cloud solutions, our team delivered by building the required modules using modern technologies and standard practices.

  • Brought to fore expertise on building web apps to architect the solution
  • Worked with the client team to deliver the modules using agile product development practices
  • Used modern technologies such as React, Redux and Javascript to build the solution

Business Impact

  • Continued delivery of high quality deliverables on-time and within budget
  • Ability for Symphony's end users to search for messages, people and rooms in various different ways - such as through the header search, in room search, etc.

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