My Trin Trin Software Suite

Helped a startup to solve the last-mile problem by developing a platform, admin portal and member portal to allow users to rent bicycles through docking stations. Built a docking station software piece that communicated with the station hardware to lock/unlock bicycles, collect transaction information, etc.

Services Rendered

Product Engineering, Cloud Solutions

Technologies Used

Javascript, NodeJS, ExpressJS, AngularJS, HTML5, CSS3, UDP Protocols

Client/Project Link

My Trin Trin

Client’s Challenges

The client was looking for us to develop multiple independent pieces that needed to come together to power the platform to solve the last-mile problem in the Mysore City of India. The client's project was funded by the World Bank and supported by the Mysore City Corporation.

  • Architect, build and maintain the My Trin Trin Platform
  • Architect, build and maintain the My Trin Trin Admin Portal
  • Architect, build and maintain the My Trin Trin Member Portal
  • Integrate a local deployed software (in the docking station) with the station hardware
  • Deliver all the above within a 3-month timeframe

Our Solution

With rich experience in developing platforms and web apps, our team delivered by building the required apps/platforms using modern technologies and standard practices.

  • Brought to fore expertise on building web apps/modules to architect solutions
  • Worked with the client team to build multiple pieces that helped power 70% of the platform
  • Assisted with agile product development and rapid application development

Business Impact

  • My Trin Trin was able to setup and enable people to use the ecosystem through hiring bicycles at docking stations
  • Rapid delivery of these pieces allowed the client to complete the work in time and within budget

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